TV's & Projectors

We repair and maintain all TV and projector brands and types, including LCD, OLED & PLASMA, as well as LCD, DLP & Laser Projectors. Please also visit our calibration section to find out how you can improve your equipment’s performance.

AV Equipment

We service, restore, and repair all consumer electronic equipment. Please call us today for a repair estimate.

Car Electronics

We offer ECM, PCM, ECU repair and refurbishing. We also service analog and digital dashboard controllers and gauges.

Pinball and Arcade Games

We restore classic arcade games to perfect condition.

Classic Electronics

Classic AV equipment such as turntables, amplifiers, and tape decks can be restored to manufacturer specifications.

Extended Warranty

Need to protect your investment in electronic equipment. We provide extended warranty services for most major brands. Contact us to find out more.

We design, built and install your dream entertainment systems, as well as provide services in automation, distributed audio & video, repairs and commercial & industrial electronics.